Citizens Advisory Committee

The 22-member  Athens Citizens Advisory Committee reviewed all SPLOST 2020 projects and recommended the list of candidate projects for adoption by the Athens-Clarke County Mayor and Commission.

We are charged to represent the citizens of Athens for SPLOST 2020

We are dedicated to making Athens the best it can be

Guiding Principles

  • Take care of what we already have
  • Finish projects already started
  • Balance between critical need and quality of life projects
  • Implement projects identified in approved community plans
  • Equitably distribute projects geographically

Who we are:

Each of us were appointed by the Mayor and Commission as follows:

Carl Blount
Robert Miles

District 1
Dr. Cshanyse Allen
Laura W. Carter

District 2
Frances Berry
Lora Thompson

District 3
David Griffin
Adam Shirley

District 4
Sara Beresford
Amy Stone

District 5
Katrina Evans
Jennifer Zwirn

District 6
John Aitkens
Jim Weck

District 7
Denny Galis
Thomas P. Lauth


District 8
Rob Trevena
Dr. Shannon Wilder, Chair

District 9
Shane Blackwell
Tracy Davenport

District 10
Dr. Lakeisha Gantt
Dr. Marilyn Wolf-Ragatz

The SPLOST 2020 Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) was responsible for recommending a list of candidate projects for adoption by the Mayor and Commission. 

The committee thoroughly reviewed, discussed, and debated the merits of 88 separate proposals submitted by various government departments and community groups requesting a total of about $1.2 billion from the  SPLOST 2020 program. 

Comments from several public forums and on-line submittals were important considerations to better understand community interests in the selection process.

After four months of presentations for each project and deliberation, the committee narrowed down its scope of recommended projects  from 88 to 34 to meet the original $278 million budget.  

The Mayor and Commission used the recommendations of the committee to decide on the final list of projects to be included in the SPLOST 2020 program.  Because the project list was so long (88 projects and 44 alternates submitted) and there were so many excellent projects, the Mayor and Commission extended the time period to collect the sales tax from 10 years to 11 years to increase the budget to a total of $314 million.  Many project budgets were also reduced so that more projects could be funded.